Website localization

At Chairman Translation we promise that your brand whether it’s a product, a service or a solution; will touch the world…

We provide premium world-class localization services that is guaranteed to maintain the context and level of authenticity provided in the original language while bringing it closer to the countries tongue.

 We guarantee that our localization services will grant you the impact you need for the market grip you require….


Multilingual chat / client support

It has been proven that clients usually buy from websites that offer inclusive material in their chosen language. we also know that consumers have more choices than ever. which is why providing the best client experience possible –especially when it is something as critical as support is what will set you apart from competitors, create loyal clients and help ensure repeated business.

We offer real time chat translation solutions besides the ability to provide multilingual client service operators. we also have a devoted remote translation section that offers in-call translation assistance in many languages.


Images / Layout / Desktop publishing

The enhanced graphical components, such as static images and interactive diagrams require unique attention in the localization process. we have the experience to assure that your graphics and visuals perfectly complete the localized version. whether your site only needs simple multilingual mode or a more specific copy adaptation operation. Granting ultimate influence on the desired market.


Mobile site localization

Localizing mobile websites can endure a lot of platform-specific demands. however, companies that offer the highest quality mobile content gain from the large amount of mobile enabled clients in growing markets.

There are important factors that needs to be taken in consideration as you plan your source language mobile site, your website should be responsive, touch screen friendly and suitable to all operating systems.

These factors are more complicated if your site is multilingual as you take in consideration the effect of typography fonts and text flow in a fixed medium as well as the impact of character languages (such as Arabic, Chinese and Hebrew) given that they read from right to left

We have the tools to walk you through these factors using our technical sources and profound knowledge which allows you to appear at your best whatever the device your client uses. We understand that proper localization of mobile apps requires a sequential workflow that anticipates and removes potential problems before they can bottle-neck localization steps and delay product launch.