what we're all about

Chairman Translation uses the highest qualified linguists, full time quality supervisors, reviewers and editors to ensure that your translation is flawlessly delivered.

We’re highly talented, passionate about translation and obsessed with quality.

Translation Process

Here at Chairman we have a dedicated Account Management team set out for each client, whose main responsibility is to maintain a constant awareness of customer needs and requirements while providing outstanding customer service and support.

They are responsible of providing our valued clients with the below:

  • Establishing effective communication channels with the customer to ensure correct information on products and services, proper enquiry and order handling.
  • Responding within a certain timeframe to client’s e-mails in a professional and friendly manner.
  • Handling customer complaints within the required timeframe (48 hours).


At Chairman Translation, we strictly adhere to 3 step quality assurance process of Translation, Editing and Proofreading to achieve the highest quality of translation. To be able to provide our clients with a piece of language that not only speaks their target audience’s language, but also reflects THEIR OWN language.


We loath bad translation, and the self-expression should not be constrained due to difference in language.

Free sample for service assessment

To answer quality concerns, we extend free of cost translation sample. This way our clients may evaluate the quality of our service.

We provide premium quality translation in the below fields:

  • Commercial
  • Educational
  • Legal
  • Literary



Document translation

Even though now we are a variegated business solutions company, our beginning was focused on document translating, ever since we have been highly increasing the quality and service levels of the industry We offer the highest efficiency to fulfill your multilingual needs featuring:

  • Rush Turnaround Times.
  • High-Volume Requests.
  • Highly Technical Materials.
  • Certified Documents.

Machine translation

Machine translation can possibly avail as an operable solution for organizations that handle intense amount of text, rapid turnaround demands or both Standing alone, present machine technology fails to offer the accuracy of a personal translator.
But considering the budget, shortage of time and the purpose, machine translation can be tailored with fitting vocabulary dictionaries, translation memory technology, optical character recognition and after translation editing by professional linguists.

Feel free to contact our client service team for more info about machine translation and to check whether machine translation is a viable option for your organization requirements.


CAT Tools

We apply the best CAT (computer assisted translation) material to simplify using former translated text saved in the translation memory (TM), saving expenses and timelines and refining translation consistency.

Noting that as TM credits increase the advantages in these fields increase and are boosted by our gadgets.


Translation Management Technology

Our translation management technology is a set of modular operations specially planned to relieve human project management translation related stress. our technology facilitates the whole translation procedure by trimming work flaws, granting participants immediate access to project state records, handling editing procedures and keeping audit trails.
resulting in refined translation standards, accelerated timelines, less work burden and remarkable cost cutting that could sum up to millions.